Thank you for checking out my “video” page! You can watch full sermons below!

“It’s A Chain Reaction.”

“Redefine The Name.”

“Those People.”

“Only for Backsliders”

“Agents of Grace”

“He Let Me Off The Hook”

“Listen to the Nudge”

“Bring it On!: The Power of God in the Midst of Persecution.”

“Knock Over the Tables”


“Extraordinary Broadcast”


“A Much Better Reason”


Christmas Sermon Pic.jpeg

“Get Some AWEsome in Your Life!”

“The Prayer of Jabez: Greater Than.”

“Discipleship: There is Power in the Download.”

“Get Ready for a New Season”

“Let Heaven Shine Through You.”

“Stay in the Game.”

“A Better Way To… Sex.”

“Alive and Powerful (The Reliability of the Bible).”

“Take a Bow.”

“No Turning Back.”


“Stand Down.”


“Always Connected.”


“A Christmas Story: The Perfect Way (Even If).” Sermon preached at Mosaic Church in Little Rock, AR:

The Powerful Purpose of Delays.” Sermon preached at South Palm Community Church in Lake Worth, FL:

Go Viral.” Sermon preached at Two Rivers Church in Cooper City, FL:

Get Ready for a New Season.” Sermon preached at Relevant Church Miami in Hialeah, FL (in 2 parts).

Generosity vision casting at Potential Church in Cooper City, FL:

One of 5 video teachings used for a youth retreat in Caracas, Venezuela.

Story of life-change at Potential Church:



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