What to do when others question who you are and what you do (The time I got stopped, searched, and questioned at the Canadian border by U.S. Homeland Security).

I know… long title… but there’s a story to it!

A few days a go I had the opportunity to go to Detroit for a few hours. Since I had a couple of hours to kill in between commitments, I had a brilliant idea… I decided to cross the Canadian border, find a nice place to walk and eat some lunch, and come back to the US.

I got in my car, and headed towardsIMG_2216 Windsor, Canada. I had no plans whatsoever, so I asked the Canadian immigration officer what I could do to kill some time. What a great thing to tell a welcoming official of another country!

After a few questions, he pointed me in the direction of the waterfront park in Windsor. So I drove there and walked around the area until it was time to return. I did nothing out of the ordinary. In fact, I had a blast!